CFRP 8 Facet | Series 120

The key features of the 8 Facet Double Angle Series 120 Drill offers application benefits beyond that of other high-performance drills. Each feature of this design was engineered around the challenges of drilling composite materials. The Series 120 portfolio leads the industry in hole performance with no splintering or delamination.

CFRP 8 Facet | Series 120

Features & Benefits

  • Double Margin Construction

    • Improves drill stability for better hole finish and size control
    • Allows coolant to reach the point for improved hole quality and extended tool life
  • Double Angle Point
    • Minimizes workpiece delamination on drill entry and exit
    • Redistributes loads along multiple cutting edges for improved performance
  • Notched Point
    • Reduces cutting forces at the drill center for enhanced performance and tool life
    • Manufactured exclusively with Di-NAMITE coating for even wear, extended tool life, and improved finishes.

Product Details

Cutting Diameter #40-1/2"
Shank Diameter 1/8"-1/2"
Overall Length 2"-4 1/4"
Flute Length 9/16"-2 5/16"
Shank Length 1 1/4"-13/4"
Coating Di-NAMITE

Material Applications


Industry Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Power Generation
  • Automotive
  • Mold & Die
  • Casting & Foundries
  • General Engineering